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Hope Coalition MHC is happy to announce that Financial Mentor Training is available for volunteers and agency staff. Visit our Financial Mentor Volunteers page for more information about this new opportunity!
Ready to take charge of your finances? In conjunction with Hope Coalition MHC, Money Management International offers 11 interactive modules that are designed to help you and your family master a range of financial topics while gaining the knowledge and tools you need to achieve financial success. The Family Interaction Guide is a downloadable workbook full of ideas for the whole family.

1: Money and Values
Discover your financial personality with an interactive quiz.
Identify your personal financial values.

2: Setting Goals and Priorities
Understand the difference between your wants and needs.
Set SMART goals.
Establish a system to monitor your progress.

3: Credit Reports and Credit Scores
Learn how to get your free credit report.
Read and analyze your personal credit report.
Utilize specific steps to recover from credit mistakes.

4: Managing Income and Expenses
Learn to calculate gross and net income
Classify your expenses as fixed, variable, or periodic.
Create a balanced monthly spending plan.

5: Using Credit Wisely
Discover how to use credit wisely.
Learn how to make the most of your money.
Increase your consumer savvy.

6: Keeping Debt Under Control
Take an interactive survey to see if you are vulnerable to a credit crisis.
Learn to take control over the debt you have, no matter how overwhelming.
Utilize outside services for credit negotiating and debt management.

7: Building Savings
Create a short term savings strategy.
Find easy ways to increase your monthly savings and emergency fund.
Refresh your spending habits to reduce expenses.

8: Creating Wealth
Determine your net worth and assess your risk tolerance.
Discover your investment options.

9: Important Papers
Discover the best approach to organizing for you: paper-based or paperless.
Identify storage options such as a grab-and-go box, safe deposit box, attorney’s office and the documents best suited for each.

10: Basic Banking
Learn to properly document checks, deposit slips and check registers.
Compare and contrast banks and credit unions.
Find out how to take advantage of online banking services.

11: Identity Theft
Protect your identity through easy to implement tips and tricks.
Learn the steps to take if you are the victim of identity theft.

Family Interaction Guide
Download the Family Interaction Guide PDF for tips and activities related to the modules above that can help every member of your family get in sync with your financial strategy.

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